How ASE is helping improve instruction for
tomorrow’s automotive technicians.

In addition to offering a variety of educational materials on our website that can be used by students and teachers, ASE is involved in several educational partnerships and initiatives with allied organizations. Together, our efforts are working to promote high quality automotive training in locations across the country.

Instructor Training Conference

Check out details about the ASE Instructor Training Conference.

Career Info

An overview of careers in automotive repair and related industries, with information on market demand, salary ranges, career tips, and more — useful to students and educators alike!

ASE Program Accreditation

The nation’s first and only accreditation process for automotive training programs, the ASE Education Foundation works to maintain high standards in instruction and other program aspects.

ASE Student Career Development

A unique partnership of auto manufacturers, dealers, and training programs that helps young people prepare for careers through academic achievement, internships, and more.

ASE Student Certification

A joint initiative by ASE, ASE Education Foundation and SkillsUSA, these end-of-program tests can provide students with their first nationally recognized industry certification.