How ASE is helping vocational educators
recruit, mentor, and train tomorrow’s technicians.

In addition to our core mission of certifying automotive technicians, ASE also offers accreditation for technician training programs. In the process, we’re helping to improve the quality of training offered at secondary and post-secondary, public, and proprietary schools.

ASE program accreditation is based on the recommendations of the ASE Education Foundation (formerly NATEF). This non-profit organization examines the structure and resources of training programs and evaluates them against nationally-accepted standards of quality.

How ASE school accreditation works

The accreditation process begins with an extensive self-evaluation performed by the individual training program’s instructors, administrators, and advisory committee members. These individuals compare their program to national standards, and have the opportunity to make improvements before submitting evaluation documents to the ASE Education Foundation.

After a training program sends its self-evaluation materials in, the materials are reviewed to determine if the program qualifies for an onsite evaluation. If the program qualifies, the assessment is conducted by an Evaluation Team Leader (ETL), an educator certified by ASE and trained by the ASE Education Foundation. If the ETL recommends that the program be accredited, and if all industry requirements are met, the program will become accredited for a period of five years. LEARN MORE>