Automotive Careers Offer Many Choices

Author: Tony Molla
December 17, 2014    9:30 AM

Choosing a career path is rarely a simple decision, and the choices you make to prepare for the job market when you’re first starting out can make a big difference in what options are available to you. This means the more education and training you acquire at an earlier age, the more opportunities you’ll find later in life. So it’s important when making your career decisions to consider the potential for growth and advancement, and the ability to take those skills you’re learning now and apply them to a broader range of jobs down the road.
My ASE Certifications have been instrumental in [my] career promotions within service departments.
 - Lloyd Koppes, ASE Master Technician, Motor Age Training/ASE Master L1 Training Specialist of 2013
One of the most misunderstood aspects of a career in the automotive industry is the amount of opportunity and choice an individual with technical training enjoys. Just as in any other high-tech industry, there are many career paths available to those with the right training and credentials. The demand for talent is there, and the United States Department of Labor’s latest predictions for job growth are in the double digits (17%).
When it comes to opportunity, portability, job security and earning potential, choosing a technical career can open doors just as well or better than any other path. Here at ASE, we — along with several other partners, including the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) — are working hard to get the word out about just how rewarding that path can be.
If you’re looking for flexibility and choice in a career, working in the automotive industry can provide both. In fact, many within our industry, including myself, started our careers as automotive technicians. The knowledge and technical training gathered along the way opened doors to opportunities and offered mobility few other jobs can claim. The demand for qualified automotive professionals is growing and, for those with the right training and credentials, the future is bright.


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