Get the Credit You Deserve

Author: Tony Molla
February 06, 2013    2:12 PM

For years, employers large and small have recognized the value of ASE certification. In fact, many nationwide organizations, such as automakers, parts stores, and chain stores, use ASE certifications in their training standards and recognition programs. ASE electronically sends certification information to these corporate partners, so it can be added to the employees’ records. Then you can receive the credit you deserve for achieving ASE certification.

To do this, your employer and ASE need a shared identifier that is tied solely to you. Some employers use the ASE ID number (e.g. ASE-1234-5678) that everyone is assigned through myASE. But if your employer is a large national organization, you likely have an ID that your employer assigned to you, and that is the ID that ASE will use to share your certification info with the company. To make that work, you must add your Company-Assigned ID to your myASE account. If you change companies, no problem, myASE allows you to have a separate Company-Assigned ID for each employer.

ASE needs one other thing in order to share your certification status – your approval to do so. You can set the preference to Release my ASE Status to Others in myASE as well. Without it, ASE will not release any of your information to anyone.

To help, we have created a short “How-To” video entitled How to Submit a Company-Assigned ID to myASE. You can find it here: Head on over and take a look. Then log into myASE, add your Company-Assigned ID, make sure the Release my ASE Status box is checked, and get the credit you deserve – you earned it!


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