What's Coming?

January 31, 2014
At ASE, we work tirelessly to improve and update our certification tests to ensure that they stay on top of current trends across the automotive industry. In this video, ASE President and CEO Tim Zilke discusses what you can expect from ASE in the upcoming year.

G1 Certification

January 31, 2014
For techs just getting started in the automotive service industry, having the right credentials is essential to earning your customers' trust. Watch this video to see how the new G1 Certification can help you earn the trust you need to advance in this industry.

ASE's Why Certify?

January 31, 2014
The automotive service industry is driven by true career professionals. Watch this video to learn how having the right credentials is critical to ensuring success in your career.

ASE Testing

January 31, 2014
Watch this video to learn about all of the benefits of ASE's computerized testing — from the convenience of testing locations to learning your score instantly.

Why ASE?

January 31, 2014
For over 40 years, ASE has worked to improve the quality of automotive repair and service through our certification tests. Watch this video to learn how in choosing to get ASE Certified, you're joining a 40 year tradition of excellence in our industry.

And The Winners Of The ASE Race Experience Are—

November 1, 2013
Tim Zilke, President and CEO of ASE, and Tony Molla, Vice President of Communications at ASE, are pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 ASE Race Experience — a trip to Homestead-Miami, FL and a meet and greet with Kasey Kahne. Congratulations to our winning techs!

Why Automotive Technicians Should Become ASE Certified

June 1, 2011
Check out this quick video describing just a few of the benefits of becoming ASE Certified. From granting you portable professional credentials, to improving your career opportunities, to reflecting your own personal achievement, ASE Certification is an indispensable tool in your own professional development.

The Value of ASE Certification for the Employer

June 1, 2011
Are you an automotive repair shop owner curious about the benefits of ASE Certification for your employees? This video explains just why it is in your best interest to hire ASE Certified techs and to encourage your employees to get certified.

ASE Computer Base Test Walk Through

July 5, 2011
Recently, we have shifted testing from the old fashioned, paper-based format to new computer-based testing. We understand that this is a big change for many of our dedicated auto techs, so we’ve made this video to make sure that when you enter a Prometric testing center, you'll be prepared.

Why Motorists Should Look For An ASE Certified Technician

June 1, 2011
ASE was founded more than 40 years ago to improve the quality of vehicle repair across North America. An auto tech that has taken on the challenge of getting ASE Certified has proven that he cares deeply about his profession — and that any vehicle you trust with him will be in good hands.

Three Key Elements of ASE Test Preparation

December 18, 2012
ASE Certification tests are not easy. They are designed to challenge auto techs and ensure that they have the knowledge necessary to earn the Blue Seal of Excellence. That being said, in order to perform at your best, you need to go into the testing center prepared. This video goes over the best ways to get ready for your test — from how to study to what to do once you get to the testing center.

How to Analyze ASE Test Questions

January 29, 2013
So you've registered for your test and you're ready to go to your Prometric center. What kind of questions are you about to face? This video explains how our questions are written and how best to answer them in your allotted time.

The Cold, Hard Facts

February 26, 2013
Part of our job at ASE is to help auto techs stay up to date on federal regulations for the industry. This is particularly true with recovery of refrigerants and air conditioning servicing. This video goes over the current regulations and what they mean for the future of air conditioning servicing.

An Introduction to myASE

March 26, 2013
To compliment our computer-based testing, we've introduced the myASE portal. From here, you'll be able to manage your ASE account and register and schedule an ASE test. It also allows 24/7 credential management. Learn how to set up and use your account by watching this video.

Tests of Integrity

An Inside Look At How ASE Tests Are Developed
July 30, 2011
ASE Certification tests are tough for a reason because the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence is the top credential for the industry. But how do we decide what questions go into each test? In this video, we offer a detailed overview on how our panel of industry experts chooses which topics each the ASE test will cover — and how they go about writing the questions.

The Value of ASE Certification

August 27, 2013
Since 1972, the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence has been the most valued professional credential for the automotive repair and service industry. Getting ASE Certified shows that you are not satisfied with just being average — you're choosing excellence in your career. In this video, our Vice President of Communications Tony Molla, and our Executive Director of Electronic Initiatives Dave Cappert, explain the many reasons why an auto tech should become certified.

ASE Blue Seal of Excellence

September 24, 2013
Employing ASE Certified technicians helps your customers. Now take it to the next level and help your business. This video goes over the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program, from the requirements to gain this credential to the benefits you'll receive as a shop owner.

Changes to the ASE Refrigerant Recovery Program

June 1, 2011
At ASE, we work constantly to make sure that our certification tests cover the most up-to-date advances in the industry. In this video, Dave Cappert, our Executive Director of Electronic Initiatives, explains the changes coming to the ASE Refrigerant Recovery Program — and what it means for the A7 test on heating and air conditioning.

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