ASE Student Messaging System

ASE SMS Questions and Explanations:


The correct answer is C. Trucks/ trailers are known by their hitch. The name is a contraction of 'semi-oscillating turntable hitch. It's a semi-oscillating hitch because it only allows oscillation in those two planes. It was the trailer that gave rise to the name semitruck. Since the trailer has no front wheels and can be used only when connected to the tractor part of the truck, it's called a semi-trailer.



The correct answer is A. Some systems also monitor the spare tire, so low pressure in the spare could cause the light to illuminate. Technician A's statement is true. It doesn't matter if regular air or nitrogen is used to fill the tire to the proper pressure. Technician B's statement is false.



The correct answer is D. Brake fluid has an inherent property that attracts moisture. If left to the open air, the fluid can draw moisture which reduces the fluid's boiling point. When this happens, it can cause a spongy pedal and impaired braking. The moisture can also lead to corrosion in the brake hydraulic system. This is why brake fluid flushing is a recommended service by most auto manufacturers. 



The correct answer is [C]. When changing an engine's oil, a technician should inspect the oil flange for the oil filter seal.