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To help automotive professionals get the recognition they’ve earned for their expertise, ASE has offered its certification exams since 1972.

Today, we’re much more than just certification tests. Here you’ll find a gateway to other programs like practice tests, an EPA-authorized Section 609 program for refrigerant recovery and recycling, and student certification tests.

ASE offers a large variety of certification tests and other programs.

What Does ASE Offer?

ASE Certification
Official ASE
Practice Tests
Refrigerant Recovery 
and Recycling Progr

Introduction to
Automobile Service Program

More than 40 tests for:
  • Cars & Light Trucks
  • Collision Repair
  • Medium-Heavy Truck
  • Truck Equipment
  • School & Transit Buses
  • Auto & Truck Parts
Nine tests for:
  • Cars & Light Trucks
  • Auto Parts
One training/quiz program for:
  • Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) system refrigerant management procedures.
An E-Learning training/quiz program for:
  • Introductory knowledge of basic service tasks for entry-level service personnel.
Great for:
Working technicians and other service professionals with hands-on experience
Great for:
Anyone preparing for an ASE Certification Test
Great for:
Personnel servicing MVAC systems
Great for:
Students and others at the beginning phase of their career.
Designation Earned:
ASE Certification
Designation Earned:
None, these tests are just for practice
Designation Earned:
ASE Recognition (not certification) that meets EPA Section 609 requirements
Designation Earned:
Program completion.

Students And Teachers

ASE, in conjuction with AYES, NATEF and Skills USA, also offers the ASE Student Certification Program.

ASE Certification Tests

ASE provides all of its certification tests on a computer-based format.