Take a closer look at ASE-certified professionals and their specialties.

Across the country, there are hundreds of thousands of auto professionals who are ASE certified in dozens of specialty areas, including many professionals who are certified in multiple areas. The numbers of professionals currently certified by ASE are shown below (with information accurate through the Spring 2018 ASE test administration). This list is updated once a year in July.

Please note in addition, there are 57,188 students who hold current ASE Entry Level certification.

Automobile Technicians 190,185
Service Consultants 16,947
Maintenance/Light Repair Technicians 21,213
Advanced Engine Performance Specialists 33,745
Collision Repair/Refinish Technicians 14,649
Collision Damage Estimators 5,253
Medium/Heavy Truck Technicians 32,900
Truck Equipment Installation & Repair Technicians 2,471
Compressed Natural Gas Technicians 1,658
Transit Bus Technicians 3,485
School Bus Technicians 4,209
Parts Specialists 25,696
Net Total Service Professionals 258,107
Note:  “Net Total” means individuals with multiple certifications are counted only once.  
Master Automobile Technicians 70,046
Master Collision Repair/Refinish Technicians 3,414
Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technicians 10,587
Master Medium/Heavy Vehicle Technicians 974
Master Truck Equipment Technicians 1,120
Master Transit Bus Technicians 923
Master School Bus Technicians 1,449
Automobile Series  
A1: Engine Repair 115,717
A2: Automatic Transmission Transaxle 85,041
A3: Manual Drive Train and Axles 93,331
A4: Suspension and Steering 137,842
A5: Brakes 148,801
A6: Electrical/Electronic Systems 120,662
A7: Heating and Air Conditioning 109,709
A8: Engine Performance 108,623
A9: Light Vehicle Diesel Engines 17,190
Maintenance/Light Repair Series  
G1: Auto Maintenance and Light Repair 21,213
Medium/Heavy Truck Series  
T1: Gasoline Engines 9,514
T2: Diesel Engines 20,094
T3: Drive Train 15,976
T4: Brakes 21,989
T5: Suspension and Steering 17,149
T6: Electrical/Electronic Systems 18,111
T7: Heating, Ventilation & A/C 16,273
T8: Preventive Maintenance Inspection 18,308
Truck Equipment Installation and Repair Series  
E1: Truck Equipment Installation and Repair Specialist 1,761
E2: Electrical/Electronic Systems Installation and Repair 1,722
E3: Auxilary Power Systems Installation and Repair 1,607
Collision Repair and Refinish Series  
B2: Painting and Refinishing 8,193
B3: Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 7,207
B4: Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 6,290
B5: Mechanical and Electrical Components 8,272
Damage Analysis and Estimating  
B6: Damage Analysis and Estimating 5,253
Alternate Fuels Series  
F1: Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle 1,658
Advanced Level Series  
L1: Automobile Advanced Engine Performance Specialist 33,745
L2: Medium/Heavy Vehicle Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist 3,783
L3: Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist 1,607
Transit Bus Series  
H1: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Engines 701
H2: Diesel Engines 1,634
H3: Drive Train 1,620
H4: Brakes 2,262
H5: Suspension & Steering 1,842
H6: Electrical/Electronic Systems 1,579
H7: Heating, Ventilation & A/C 1,599
H8: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection 1,832
School Bus Series  
S1: Body Systems and Special Equipment 2,420
S2: Diesel Engines 2,161
S3: Drive Train 2,212
S4: Brakes 3,173
S5: Suspension and Steering 2,326
S6: Electrical/Electronic Systems 2,228
S7: Air Conditioning System and Controls 1,258
Service Consultant Series  
C1: Automobile Service Consultant 16,947
Specialty Tests  
X1: Exhaust Systems 6,091
Parts Specialist Series  
P1: Medium/Heavy Truck Parts Specialist 1,632
P2: Automobile Parts Specialist 24,058
P4: General Motors Parts Consultant 1,085