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What are the requirements to be a Master Technician?

Expanded: What are the requirements to be a Master Technician?

ASE tests are divided into "Test Series", each covering a particular discipline within the automotive industry (for example, automobile, medium/heavy truck, transit bus, etc.). You earn Master Technician status when you achieve certification in all the required testing areas.

For example, technicians certified in tests A1 through A8 are Master Automobile Technicians; those certified in tests T2 through T8 are Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technicians, and so forth. However, Master Technician status is not for life, and you must keep each one of those certifications current in order to maintain it. If your Master Technician status is lost because one or more of the required certifications has lapsed, it can be reinstated by simply taking and passing the necessary Recertification Tests.

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