A lot is riding on your choice of auto repair shops.
ASE is here to help you make your best decision.

You probably already have an auto technician you know and trust. Still, at some point, you may encounter a problem your favorite mechanic can’t solve … or perhaps you’ve recently moved, and need to find an auto repair shop you can trust. Whatever your situation, ASE has a variety of resources to help you.

Getting Good Auto Repair

Not sure where or how to find a good repair shop to take care of your car? Here are some practical tips from the folks who certify the best in the business.

Find a Repair Shop

An easy-to-use Web-based tool for finding a local auto repair shop where the majority of technicians are ASE-certified to work on your vehicle.

When Things Go Wrong

Occasionally, even the best auto technician can have difficulty fixing a problem. Here’s where you can find proven strategies for resolving such issues quickly and effectively.