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Each edition of this communication series highlights individual facilities that have earned and maintained their prestigious designation as an ASE Blue Seal Business. These exceptional shops stand out in their markets — partly because of their ASE-certified staff — and partly because of the quality reputation they’ve earned with customers.


California Auto Repair and Smog

1177 Prestige Way
Redding, CA 96003
(530) 246-9277

Don't Let Your Vehicle Atrophy!

Everybody talks about scheduled maintenance and it's very important! What many people don't talk about, or even think about, is the cost of doing NOTHING! Vehicles are made to be driven. One of the worst things you can do to your vehicle is to let it sit - terrible things can happen to it! As an example, when you drive your vehicle, the fluids get circulated and lubricate the components they're made to safeguard. Let's look at some of these potential problems.

Your tires get weather checked and get flat spots. When you do finally drive the vehicle, it may be time for new tires already, even if you don't have many miles on them.

Rubber components can dry up on your vehicle and start to crack. What good is a seal if it cracks and can't seal what it's meant to? This can affect water pumps and axle seals to name a few. Run your air conditioning once in a while...even if it's in the middle of winter. It's very common for these seals to dry up and allow expensive Freon to escape. Windshield wipers get dry and cracked. Don't wait for a rainy day to replace this piece of safety equipment. Belts and hoses are also not immune from drying up and cracking. Even if you don't have many miles on your vehicle, age can destroy some components.

It's not healthy to let fuel sit in your gas tank. The fuel will lose its efficiency to ignite properly and can cause a no start or poor running condition.Fuel injector seals or carburetor components, like other seals, can dry up and cause fuel leaks.

Condensation can form in gas tanks, brake lines and other areas causing corrosion.

Batteries that sit for a long time can go dead and may not regain a full charge.

Your sitting vehicle may become a new residence for some unwanted guests!Four legged and eight legged creatures love to make their homes in vehicles.  We have seen many cases of rodent infestation and destruction in customers' vehicles.These pests love to chew on rubber and wires as well as insulation.If your vehicle becomes infested with spiders, especially black widows, you may need to fumigate before you can safely drive again.

In summary, vehicles need to be driven just as people need to exercise.Taking your vehicle out for a drive once a week and letting it come up to operating temperature can save you potentially thousands of dollars of otherwise unnecessary repairs.

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Shop Profile
CARS-California Auto Repair and Smog was one of the first shops in Redding, CA to be designated a Blue Seal of Excellence facility and has maintained that reputation for excellence for many years.  CARS, owned and operated by Tim and Barb White, employs ASE Master Certified Technicians and is a highly progressive, full service facility. CARS was named one of the top ten shops in the country by Motor Age Magazine in 2006 .