Employing ASE-Certified Technicians is its own reward.
But ASE offers your business even more benefits!

Meeting the high standards of the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program puts you among an elite class of businesses that savvy customers look for. Not only that, you’ll also receive the following benefits:
  • Customized Wall Plaque-A distinctive plaque personalized with your business name, date of participation, and the ASE logo.
  • Counter Mat-This durable, high visibility marketing tool features the Blue Seal of Excellence® logo and a pocket for advertising specials, etc.
  • Customer Brochures-Informative handouts that explain what it means to earn recognition under this special ASE program.
  • Promotional Kit-Get credit for hiring the best! The kit includes sample ads, news releases, and ASE logos for use in media and promotional programs.

Application Details

The initial application fee for the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program is $235. Once approved, you’ll receive the items listed above, as well as a listing on the ASE website’s Blue Seal of Excellence Shop Locator.

Your eligibility status is evaluated each year by ASE to ensure that your staff’s professional certification credentials remain current. ASE will automatically send you a renewal notice and application before your recognition is due to expire. The annual renewal fee is $65. Upon renewal, you will receive a new date plate for your plaque, along with additional promotional materials recognizing your continued commitment to excellence.

Note: Applications are processed in January, April, July, and October.

To get started today, download the application.