ASE certification promotes good automotive service.
It’s also part of a great business strategy.

You probably already know that one of your biggest assets is your people — and one of your best competitive advantages is the confidence your customers place in your technicians.

When your technicians have ASE certification, it shows that your technicians know what they’re doing — and that they’re also a step above the average technician. That’s good for your customer’s peace of mind, and great for your business. Helping your employees become certified is also an excellent way to allow them to develop in their careers — and that can increase employee loyalty.

As a savvy business owner, you can go even further. If more than 75% of your technicians are ASE certified, you can qualify for the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program. This high-impact program allows you to maximize customer awareness of your focus on quality personnel, with ready-to-use marketing materials, advertising opportunities, and more.

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