Celebrating Excellence

Author: Tony Molla
August 13, 2014    8:45 AM

Each year at the November Board of Governors meeting, ASE honors approximately 45 outstanding automotive professionals with special awards from a variety of our industry partners. This year will be no different. These companies do this because they believe deeply in the contribution and professionalism the honorees bring to the automotive service industry. We couldn't agree more.
Saluting the best of the best has become something of a tradition at ASE. And those who achieve an ASE Certification do so for a number of reasons. Mostly, they tell us, they do it for themselves and their customers. And that they want to be the best. We think that kind of dedication deserves a thunderous applause!
There are a lot of dedicated professionals out there, and I’m sure you know some of them. Why not take a minute and recognize each one by telling them how much you appreciate their effort. They’ve earned it.
For more information on how you can join the team and become part of the largest professional automotive fraternity in the industry, just visit www.ase.com.


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