When Silence is Golden

Author: John Saia
August 27, 2014    5:01 PM

You’re a professional technician, so you’ve been around a while — and you’ve seen a lot. There’s some good work and some less-than-ideal work that other technicians have done. Sometimes, you’ve even had to re-work what others had done.
And even your personal best efforts and workmanship can sometimes go wrong, too. Of course, we’re dealing with machines here, Sparky!
But here’s the thing: don’t fall into the trap of bashing the poor work you’ve come across, regardless of who may be responsible. It’s certainly appropriate to point out when something isn’t right, but there’s no benefit to anyone in running down a fellow technician, because when you do bad-mouth that guy across town, you are nourishing a perception that all technicians are incompetent and dishonest. And that includes you! There might have been a day when a fellow professional ran across something that even you might have overlooked.
Whatever the case may be, ASE reminds you — as the true automotive professional you are — to repair any less-than-stellar work with the finesse and pride you commonly put forth in your work. You’ll spare your profession, as well as you and your colleagues, the grief of perpetuating a myth.
Let’s just call it “Professional Courtesy.” Don’t just practice it. Require it.


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