Building Trust

Author: Tony Molla
December 08, 2011    10:37 PM

A consumer survey conducted by the California Bureau of Auto Repair back in 2007 reported that 92% of respondents rated technician qualifications “very important” when making a decision about auto repair. That’s not surprising given the level of technology typically found in today’s vehicles. All of us want to know that the individuals we trust with servicing our basic transportation system have the knowledge and expertise to deliver excellent value for the money. One great way to build this trust is to spotlight technician certifications to your customers.

ASE was created to give both consumers and professionals a hallmark of top performance. But achieving ASE certification offers much more. While professional credentials demonstrate that you are keeping up with changing technology, they also say a lot about the pride and professionalism of the person who goes the extra mile to ensure he or she is at the top of their game. When you talk to your customers about the commitment your business has to excellence, and the trained and certified professionals you employ, it helps build a relationship that can last a lifetime.


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Dec 27, 2011 [1:15 PM]  -  Dennis
One of the biggest consumer concerns about ASE credentials is not knowing whether everyone in the shop is ASE certified. Some shops have only one or two ASE-certified technicians and display ASE certification signs. This is also a concern to ASE-certified technicians. If a shop allows a non-certified technician to perform vehicle services and they are done incorrectly, the consumer loses confidence in the ASE certification credentials. The best solution is to display the technician’s credentials in the customer waiting area and point out to the customer which technician did the work. This is a great way to build customer trust and confidence. One should take the time to explain briefly what it takes to achieve ASE certification and the commitment of the technician to take a voluntary test to demonstrate their knowledge level in the areas of certification. If an entry-level technician is doing the work, point out that this work is being monitored by an ASE-certified technician. Building consumer trust is everyone’s job in the industry. We have an abundance of vehicles to maintain and repair to keep everyone employed and earning a good living. We are the center of the world when it comes to vehicle ownership. Thanks for Listening!

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