The ROI of ASE

Author: Tony Molla
January 08, 2014    2:00 PM

I’m often asked what tangible benefits an ASE Certification can provide. Why take the time and effort to achieve credentials at all? Certainly, there are lots of very good reasons to do so. However,  the most pertinent of them all answers this question: “How do you know?”

Achieving ASE Certification provides an independent, third party assessment to automotive industry leaders confirming whether or not one has the necessary knowledge for properly servicing today's advanced automotive fleet.

Many automotive professionals also report significant benefits to their career by being ASE Certified — particularly as it relates to advancement and compensation. In fact, most shop owners agree that ASE Certification is something they look for when hiring technicians, and that it can make the difference in getting a job. But perhaps most important is the assurance you have in knowing that you represent the best of the best — and that few can equal your achievement. It's certainly noteworthy and something to be proud of if you have demonstrated your commitment to your customer, your industry and yourself by achieving ASE Certification. You are a part of an incredible fraternity of automotive professionals and we all benefit from your skills.


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