The Best of the Best

Author: Tony Molla
January 14, 2015    9:45 AM

In 2014, ASE compiled the results of a number of scientific studies conducted over a 14-year period.  This research yielded compelling evidence that ASE Certified automotive professionals exhibit improved performance in several key areas, and in some cases, the results were very dramatic. In several different studies, the data show that certified technicians are not only more productive, but they are more likely to fix it right the first time. In fact, one major research study looked at the actual productivity data of more than 2,300 technicians working in 233 businesses. Overall, the certified technicians showed 40% greater productivity than the non-certified group, along with 60% fewer comebacks.

The most recent independent study, conducted in 2013 by a large national retail service organization, delivered findings consistent with previous research, and suggested that ASE certified technicians were also more thorough in identifying needed repairs and more efficient in performing those services. But perhaps the most significant finding was the dramatic difference in tenure of ASE certified technicians; a critical factor given the high cost of recruitment and training, coupled with the growing difficulty in finding qualified service personnel.

The benefits of ASE Certification go beyond just the “bottom line” data. When a technician achieves ASE Certification he begins to think of himself as a certified professional instead of just another worker. It is a feeling of membership in a special group, and that spills over into a more professional attitude and demeanor in the shop. Overall, it’s clear that the investment in ASE pays off many times over for the technician and his career, the employer and his business, the motoring public, and the needs of our industry.


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