You Have Your Own Horn… So Toot It!

Author: John Saia
July 24, 2014    8:49 AM

A horn. Its major function is to get attention, with a definitive “toot.” It’s the sonic form of the exclamation point. The operative words here: to get attention.

So what’s wrong with tooting your own horn? Nothing.

In fact, it’s very important — especially when it comes to your competency and reliability. But in most shop environments, it’s up to you to boast from time to time when it comes to a job well done. This is especially important when you’ve completed a repair or service worthy of praise. It’s even more critical to relay your accomplishments to your customers.

It’s often been said that ASE should advertise more. The best advertisers are each of you — the 300,000+ ASE certified professionals from technicians to service consultants to their employers. And when you multiply ten or more customers you see each day by each technician, you have made a significant number of customer impressions without the use of a computer, television or smart phone. That’s called grassroots marketing and word-of-mouth advertising.

You have your own horn…so toot it!

Perhaps your boss or peers haven’t noticed you lately. Maybe you believe self-promotion is unprofessional. Maybe your peers have assumed the boss or others are aware of your great work ethic and daily accomplishments. But don’t be so sure. It’s ok to promote yourself, but pinpoint your target, stay specific and not too broad and state it with a low key tone. Remember it’s a toot, not a honk.


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