The Blue Seal For Technical Training

Author: John Saia
October 24, 2014    9:00 AM

The best and brightest technicians believe that lifelong learning is part of being a true career professional. You know that training and education are an integral part of your professional development that enables you to maintain and expand your technical edge by keeping you technically sharp and competitive.
This is uniquely important with the rapid and ongoing advances we experience in today’s advancing vehicle technologies. So, whenever you seek high-quality training or you want to learn the latest in new model technology and diagnostics, be certain to check for training providers that have been accredited by ASE after meeting the training standards established under the Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) program guidelines.
The voluntary CASE evaluation process ensures that the training organization has been reviewed against established and endorsed industry training development standards and is approved by industry peers. Think of CASE as the "Blue Seal for Technical Training"!
What is “CASE”?
CASE is a voluntary ASE accreditation program for training entities that provides continuing education to working automotive technicians. The Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC) administers the program; the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) grants the accreditation.
What are the benefits of CASE?
For the training provider and your training program:
  • The CASE application process serves as a tool for training program improvement;
  • ASE accreditation provides recognition that the training organization has been reviewed against established and endorsed industry standards and has been approved by peers; and
  • Use of ASE’s CASE logo in promotional materials, upon accreditation.
This program — focusing on in-service training for working technicians — involves a thorough examination of your training program's policies and procedures for developing, delivering, evaluating, and administrating your training. Following this self-examination, your work is reviewed by an on-site evaluation team of your peers from the ATMC.
Technicians will ultimately gain the most from CASE.
The successful completion of the CASE program results in ASE accreditation — differentiating your program from others. As more training providers complete the accreditation process, technicians will find it easier to locate and identify quality training that will meet their needs and improve the overall training community.
My personal experience as a training manager
Speaking from my own Toyota/Lexus experience, the CASE accreditation program helped us to significantly improve our technical training programs in a number of ways: as we went through the self-evaluation process we were able to identify several gaps in the way we operated, and we found numerous opportunities for changes and improvements in our training development, delivery, and administrative processes.
Both the self-evaluation and the on-site evaluation experiences were vigorous exercises, very positive, and helped us to continually improve with each certification and re-certification over the years. Without hesitation, I highly recommend the CASE process. The accreditation program will make both your training products and outcomes better.
Additional Information
For more information, visit the CASE tab on the ATMC website at


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