Why ASE Certification Was Created

Author: Tony Molla
November 19, 2014    1:50 PM

In talking with technicians around the industry, I’ve heard a number of reasons why some of them don’t see the value in a professional certification. The latest goes something like this:

“My customers never ask about ASE Certification.”

While that may be true, it doesn’t prove consumers don’t know what ASE Certification means. In fact, recent research shows that many actually do. But if that’s the only criteria for the value that professional credentials provide to individual technicians and the businesses that employ them, the bigger picture is being missed.

ASE Certification was created to help make automotive technicians better. It’s a tool like any other that helps you grow, learn and increase performance. That’s not an opinion — recent research shows compelling evidence that the simple act of preparing to take an ASE Certification exam actually improves your knowledge and retention. Other research shows a greater first-fix accuracy, lower comebacks, higher CSI and even a longer tenure on the job of those holding an ASE Certification vs their non-certified peers.

ASE Certification provides standards of knowledge the industry agrees upon and a way to identify those above-average individuals most employers are looking for. In doing that, it has succeeded very well.


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