An Open Letter to the Automotive Industry

Release date: 5/29/2009

ASE President addresses industry during economic downturn.

May 29, 2009 | An Open Letter to the Automotive Industry

The current economic conditions continue to have a significant impact on the automotive service industry. Some highly qualified and dedicated automotive professionals now find themselves seeking new opportunities. While this experience can be unsettling, ASE stands ready to help our certified professionals in any way we can. We also wish to remind both those holding professional credentials-and those seeking to hire the best-of the advantage ASE Certification can provide in helping to identify the most qualified individuals.

These are tough and uncertain times, but many opportunities exist as our vehicle fleet continues to grow and need maintenance and repair service. Consumers depend on both OEM and Aftermarket service facilities to keep them on the road, and everyone needs qualified, dedicated service professionals to meet those service needs.

Since 1972, ASE has been improving the image and the quality of automotive service through our professional certification program. Those credentials say a lot about the individual holding them. ASE Certification can help make those transitioning into a new opportunity stand out and be recognized as a valuable addition to any business. Together, we can weather this economic storm. Together, we'll get through this.


Tim Zilke
President & CEO

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