Stock Photos

Help your readers see what’s at work  behind the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence.

ASE seeks to educate not only auto technicians, but the general public as well, on the value of ASE certification.

To help trade publications and other organizations join in this effort, we offer a variety of ready-to-use, rights-released stock photography showing various parts of the ASE certification story — from test-takers to images of ASE-certified professionals working in the field.

We invite trade publications serving the automotive industry (and any other publications that are interested) to use any of the images below in their publications. A photo credit line acknowledging ASE as the source is appreciated, but not required.

To Download an Image: Please click on the image to view the full size in a new window. Then, right-click the full-size image and select 'Save As...'

Consumer with Technician
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Diagnostic Team
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Diagnostic Technician
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Service Consultant 1
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Service Consultant 2
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Service Consultant 3
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Undercar Specialist
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Under Hood Master Alternate
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Under Hood Master L1 Tech
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Under Hood Master Tech
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