Want to become ASE certified? Your path to success starts here.

Taking an ASE certification test doesn’t have to be a high-stress challenge. This section of the ASE website will help you create a path that’s tailored to your specific needs. Follow this path, and you’ll boost both your knowledge and your confidence — two of your most important tools as a test-taker.

Official ASE Practice Tests

The easy way to try your hand at taking ASE-style certification exams, without the stress and high stakes of the real thing.

Study Guides

Free, step-by-step guides to help you understand what’s involved in each test — including sample questions and suggestions for further preparation.

Test Taking Tips

An easy, self-guided introduction to taking your ASE certification test, including examples of the types of questions you’ll see — and proven tips for success.

ASE Testing Demo

Not familiar with ASE testing? This self-paced presentation will show you how they work … so you’ll feel right at home when you go to take your test.