Need to learn more before your test?
Here are alternatives some technicians use.

If you’ve reviewed ASE’s Study Guides and still feel the need to improve your understanding in a specific area, you have a range of options. Please note that some of the programs listed below have been evaluated and/or certified by ASE, while others have not. Click on the links below to learn more.

Try in-service training providers.

You can choose from a variety of training programs, both instructor-led and self-directed, that have been evaluated through a quality-assurance process and earned the distinction of being an ASE Accredited Training Provider.

Learn at local community colleges and technical training schools.

Get instructor-led, hands-on training at schools accredited by the ASE Education Foundation. Click here to see a list of these schools.

Contact ATMC for more training options.

The Automotive Training Managers Council is a professional organization of trainers organized by business type and market sector (OEMs, aftermarket suppliers, assorted vendors, training organizations, etc.). LEARN MORE >

Consider other test prep and training programs.

Many test-takers have used aftermarket test prep and training programs and found them helpful. Please note that ASE has neither reviewed nor approved the content of these programs and providers. Click here for links to other training sources.