Official ASE Practice Tests: A great way for technicians and employers to gauge ASE test readiness.

The Official ASE Practice Tests, delivered exclusively online, help technicians prepare for their next ASE certification exam by trying out questions of similar content and format to those used on the real ASE tests.

The Official ASE Practice Tests cover the ASE Automobile Tests (A1 – A8), Medium/Heavy Truck Tests (currently T2, T4, T6, and T8 only), Automobile Service Consultant Test (C1), Automobile Maintenance and Light Repair Test (G1), Automobile Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Test (L1), and Automobile Parts Specialist Test (P2). These online tests give automotive professionals and others the chance to try out ASE-style tests without the stress and high stakes of the real thing. The practice tests are half the length of the regular ASE tests and provide feedback in the form of a performance report with explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.

Please note:

Currently, there is only one version of each ASE Practice Test. You will not get a different set of questions by using more than one voucher code.


The Tests start at $14.95 each, with discounts for multiple purchases. Tests are sold using vouchers. Each voucher code can be used by one person only to access one practice test for 60 days. Place your order by logging in to your myASE account. It's easy to set up if you don't have one, and your voucher codes will be stored there for easy reference. Go to to purchase or set up your account. You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail that includes the voucher codes.

1 or 2 vouchers $14.95 each
3 to 24 vouchers $12.95 each
25 or more vouchers $11.95 each

Please contact ASE for special pricing on quantities over 500.

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