The ASE Study Guides: Easy-to-use resources
to help you prepare for your ASE certification test.

ASE’s Study Guides help you gauge your test readiness and focus your preparation. Each Guide — there’s one for each test series — gives details on the individual tests, includes sample questions, and offers suggestions for further preparation.

To get the best results, start with the "Test Specifications" Section for each test to see what’s covered, the number of questions, and major content areas. Then read the "Task Lists" to learn what’s behind each content area, specific topics covered on each test, and how many questions to expect.

As you review each task, if you’re not sure about a specific skill, put a check mark next to it. When you’re done, you’ll know whether you need just a quick review, or more focused training on those topics that you checked. "Training Resources" are included at the end of each Guide for those who need additional study or training. For more on training sources, click here.

Sample Questions are included to give you a sense of the types and styles of questions you will encounter.

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