Certification Testing

ASE offers certification test-takers the convenience
and benefits of computer-based testing.

ASE tests are all on a computer-based testing format. While all certification testing will still take place at secure, proctored test centers, computer-based testing offers you:

  • Immediate test results
  • Testing offered 12 months a year
  • Choice of testing dates and times, including weekends
  • All ASE tests, both certification and recertification

To get more details about taking a test, click on the links below.

What to Expect

Never taken an ASE test before?  Here is what you need to know, including a video "walk-thru" of an actual test center.

Dates, Fees, & Test Times

Answers to the important questions: when are the tests given, how much do they cost, and how much time is allowed for each one?

Terms and Conditions

All the fine print, in one easy place.

Find a Test Center

Use our locator maps to quickly find your closest test center and get directions.

Free Test Drive

Try our free online demo to experience the look and feel of an ASE test, just as it will be delivered at the Prometric test centers.

English-Spanish Glossary

Learn about the English-Spanish glossary that will be built into every ASE test.