General Information about the ASE Certification Tests


ASE certification tests generally include between 40 and 75 scored, multiple-choice questions measuring your knowledge in various content areas. Each test may also include ten or more non-scored additional questions, included for statistical research purposes only. Answers to these questions do not affect your test score, but since they are not separately identified in the test, you should answer all questions to the best of your ability.

Test Development

The test questions focus on practical problems encountered in day-to-day work situations and are written and approved by teams of carefully selected experts. Each of these teams represents a cross-section of relevant industry representatives, including working technicians, educators, manufacturers, service directors, and others. This procedure ensures that the tests are fair for all without bias toward any specific vehicle type, make, or equipment manufacturer.


When you pass one or more tests and fulfill the work experience requirement, you will receive the Blue Seal of Excellence: the nationally recognized ASE emblem on a certificate suitable for framing.


There is a $36 registration fee per person during each registration window. In addition, there is a $43 test fee per test ($86 each for the L1, L2, and L3 tests). Recertification Tests cost the same as the corresponding Certification Tests: $43 each, except for Advanced Tests (L1 and L2), which are $86 each. Recertification Test fees max out at $129. This only limits the amount you pay to take Recertification Tests, not the number of Recertification Tests that you can take.

ASE is required to collect sales tax on applicable purchases in CO, HI, NJ, NM, NY, OH, SC, SD, VA, WA, and WV.


To remain certified in any of the ASE specialty areas, you must take and pass a Recertification Test every five years.

Work Experience

To become ASE certified, you must pass an ASE test and have full-time, hands-on work experience (or a combination of formal training and experience). The amount of work experience required can vary by test. For details, refer to the ASE Work Experience Requirements Important Information section at

Tests Offered

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