Introduction to Automobile Service (IAS) E-Learning Program

An online program that focuses on awareness of entry-level tasks related to basic automobile service.

The IAS Program is delivered exclusively online and consists of four E-learning training modules and a separate quiz. An embedded Glossary and Safety Zone section also help to promote proper safety measures. The IAS Program was developed in response to requests from the industry for an ASE product targeting individuals whose responsibilities are concentrated in the entry-level career area. This E-learning product incorporates modules to both deliver and measure the knowledge necessary to perform basic tasks.

The target audience for this program includes prospective and entry-level personnel, as well as any service professional interested in this specialty area, including service writers and parts professionals. For those new to the industry, the IAS Program can be the first step on the path to ASE certification. Users who successfully pass the IAS quiz may print a customized certificate of completion (not an ASE certification). For more information and to register, visit the ASE Campus website.

Attention registered myASE users:
The IAS Program runs on the ASE Campus site and is not a part of myASE. Therefore, you must choose a separate username and password for the ASE Campus site at the time you register and pay for the program. Conversely, the username and password for the ASE Campus site do not serve as a log-in for myASE. To learn more about the IAS program and to register, go to the ASE Campus website.