Refrigerant Recovery Program Online Review and Quiz: The
EPA-Approved program that is required if you service mobile A/C systems.

Technicians who service motor vehicle air conditioners must be trained and tested through a United States Environmental Protection Agency-approved organization, such as ASE. Training programs must cover the use of recycling equipment in compliance with industry standards, regulatory requirements, refrigerant containment, and the effects of ozone depletion. To be certified, technicians must review the training material thoroughly and then pass a test demonstrating their knowledge of the training material.

The certificate earned as a result of a passing score on the refrigerant quiz is only deemed as certification in the context of the EPA. This credential is not the equivalent of technical certification from the ASE certification program.

You can take the ASE Refrigerant Recovery Program two different ways: 1) the most convenient method is online; click here to go to the ASE Campus website. If you complete the online program and pass the quiz, you will immediately receive a 60-day temporary credential. 2) using a printed booklet, and mailing in your completed quiz and $15 payment.  It normally takes several weeks for mailed quizzes to be graded and to receive your credentials. 

If you prefer to use the printed booklet, you can order copies at no cost. Printed booklets include a copy of the quiz. You only pay when you send in a completed quiz for scoring. Click here to complete the request form.

The online version of the ASE Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Program matches the content found in the 2009 version of the printed booklet. If you have reviewed the training information from an older version (pre-2009) of the booklet and plan to take the quiz online, please note that the quiz content has been updated. To best prepare for the online quiz, please review a 2009 booklet, or download a PDF version here.

The ASE Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Review and Quiz is an EPA-approved program that meets Section 609 regulations from the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. This program is intended only for Technicians servicing motor vehicle air conditioning. Under no circumstances should this program be considered as acceptable for Section 608 compliance, a separate requirement that applies to the servicing of other types of air conditioning systems. Also, some state and local jurisdictions have adopted their own credential requirements; check with your state and local authorities for details.

If you aren’t sure whether the air conditioning work you do is covered under Section 609, click here to use our 609 application wizard. It will quickly tell you if the ASE Refrigerant Recovery Program is right for you.