Refrigerant Recovery Program –
Learn what you need to know from our instructional guide.

The Internet version of the Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Review Booklet includes all of the same content as the print version, with the exception of the quiz. You must review the training information in the booklet thoroughly prior to taking the online ASE Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Quiz at the ASE Campus.

By downloading the Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Review training booklet, you are allowed to use the content solely for the purposes of meeting EPA training requirements prior to taking the online quiz. The booklet is not to be redistributed, sold, stored, or used for any other purpose. By clicking on the link below, you agree to these terms of use. Click here to download the booklet in Adobe PDF format.

If you prefer, you can obtain printed copies of the training booklet at no cost. Printed booklets include a copy of the CFC quiz. You only pay when you send in a completed quiz for scoring. Click here to complete the request form.