ASE Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Certification Tests (MIL Series)


To identify and recognize those technicians who can demonstrate knowledge of the skills necessary to maintain, diagnose and repair different systems of military tactical wheeled vehicles.

Tests Offered:

  • MIL1 - Military Fundamentals (50 scored questions)
  • MIL2 – Diesel Engines (40 scored questions)
  • MIL3 – Drive Train (40 scored questions)
  • MIL4 – Chassis (40 scored questions)
  • MIL5 – Suspension, Steering, and Hydraulics (40 scored questions)
  • MIL6 – Electrical/ Electronic Systems (40 scored questions)
  • MIL7 – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) (40 scored questions)
  • MIL8 – Preventive Maintenance Checks & Services (PMCS) (40 scored questions)

*Note: Each of the tests listed above have 10 additional unscored questions that are used for statistical analysis.


Those who become ASE certified in MIL1 will become an ASE Certified Military Mechanic. Those who become ASE Certified in at least one area in MIL2 – MIL8 will be recognized as an ASE Certified Military TWV Technician. Those who become ASE Certified completely in MIL2 – MIL8 will be recognized as an ASE Certified Master Military TWV Technician. Successful candidates will receive an official certificate and an appropriate insignia.

Experience Requirements:

MIL1: There is no experience requirement to take the MIL1 test, as it is a fundamentals/entry-level test. There will not be a recertification offered for the MIL1 test. It is expected that the soldier/tech will progress to the MIL2 – MIL8 tests.

MIL2 – MIL8: To complete the certification requirements, you must submit an experience report form outlining, at a minimum, two years of full-time hands-on experience working on autos or trucks for the MIL2 – MIL8 tests.


Technicians must retest every five years to retain their certification. The Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicle recertification tests (MIL2R – MIL8R) are about half as long as the initial certification tests.

Registration and Payment:

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Download the Study Guide:

Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Technician Study Guide - this guide contains test specifications, task lists, and sample test questions.

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