ASE testing for US Military personnel (CONUS)

Testing will be available by appointment only and will be offered all year around, Monday – Friday. If you want to participate, follow these steps:

1. Log into your myASE account – go to myASE and log in. If you have taken ASE tests before, you already have a myASE account established. If not, you can create one for free. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it from the myASE login page.

2. Register for the tests – use myASE to register for one or more ASE certification tests. There is a $34 registration fee, plus a $56 test fee for most tests. Recertification test fees are capped at $168. This does not limit the number of recertification tests you may take, just your cost to take them. You can pay by credit card. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, listing your tests.

3. Schedule an appointment - do not use the online appointment scheduling feature in myASE or call Prometric to schedule your testing appointment. Instead, contact the National Test Center (NTC) at:

  • Eglin AFB, Florida – (850) 882-1321
  • Fort Drum, New York – (915) 600-2015
  • Fort Bliss, Texas – (240) 221-1338
  • Fort Gregg-Adams, Virginia – (253) 365-2066

You can take one or more tests in one appointment, time permitting. Each test is separately time-limited. Click here and scroll down to view the number of questions and time allowed for each test. There is no admin/sitting fee to take an ASE certification test at UMGC NTC sites above.

4. Take your tests – arrive at the test center 30 minutes before your appointment start time with your Registration Ticket, and government-issued photo ID in hand. You will view a tutorial on how to navigate the computer-based test, take the actual ASE test, and then view a short survey on your testing experience. When you have completed all your tests, the Score Report will be emailed to you.

Questions? Contact the ASE Customer Service Department at or your NTC.