NAPA is known for quality parts and knowledgeable people. An ASE certification is the perfect way to demonstrate our commitment to being the best in the industry. We support and encourage everyone to become ASE certified and display these credentials with pride.


Everybody knows that MD following an individual's name means Medical Doctor. Associations and professions use certifications to recognize qualified individuals. The certification process is one of the most important steps in your career development. Earning an ASE certification demonstrates your commitment to the automotive service and repair profession, enhances your professional image, builds self-esteem, and improves career opportunities and advancement.

There are several ASE certifications available:

  • P1 Medium/Heavy Truck Dealership Parts
  • P2 Automobile Parts
  • B2 Painting & Refinishing

To become certified in most specialty areas, you must pass one or more of the certification tests and have two or more years of hands-on work experience. In some cases, formal training can substitute for part of the work experience requirement.


The NAPA/ASE Parts Specialist of the Year award is the ultimate way to be honored for your hard work. You can nominate yourself or be nominated by a co-worker, store manager, store owner, or a NAPA Distribution Center. Stores can nominate as many people as they like. Qualifications include the following:

  • Technical Skills
  • Customer service attitude and skills
  • Effective merchandising/sales promotion techniques
  • Business practices
  • Commitment to the industry
  • Dedication to training
  • Participation in community activities


The following job roles are recommended to have ASE certifications:

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Counter Salesperson
  • Parts Professional
  • Outside Salesperson
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • District Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Wholesale Manager
  • Sales Manager

We recommend purchasing an ASE Test Prep manual.

If you have never registered for an ASE test, visit and select the Create myASE Account link in the myASE login box. You will then be prompted through several screens to provide information about yourself to set up your account.

If you have already created a myASE account, then:

NAPA Independent Locations:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Search by zipcode to find your store location.
  3. Select the Add Company-Assigned ID button.
  4. Select NAPA from the Company drop-down menu and then select Submit. You can enter more than one employer.
  5. Select the Profile tab to review your information and check on your release status. Confirm that your information is correct.
  6. Select the "Release my ASE status to others" checkbox and then select the Submit button.
  1. Log in to your myASE account.
  2. Select Store link.
  3. Select the checkbox(s) for the ASE Certification Test(s) for which you wish to test.
  4. After going through several prompts, you can schedule your appointment. If you have multiple tests to schedule, you may also select the "Select All" checkbox.
  5. Then you can Find the Test Center that is most convenient for you and select the Schedule an Appointment link to find available locations.
  6. Once you have scheduled your test appointments you will be directed to an Appointment Confirmation page where you should see the correct date/time for your ASE Certification test(s). Select either the Print Registration Ticket button to print your registration ticket, or select Continue to complete the registration process.

For a complete listing of test dates, fees, and test times, click here.

When you pass one or more tests and fulfill the work experience requirement, you will receive the Blue Seal of Excellence: the nationally recognized ASE emblem on a certificate suitable for framing. To purchase insignias for uniforms, visit the ASE store.

If you take an ASE test and receive a "Pass" or "Fail" test result, you must wait 30 days before you can register to take it again.

To become ASE-certified, you must pass an ASE certification test and have relevant hands-on working experience. The amount of work experience required varies by test, and is specified in detail on the Work Experience Reporting Form. ASE recommends submitting the form after you've registered to take an ASE certification test.

Certification credentials are valid for five years. If it has been five years or more since you took a particular test, it’s time to register for the corresponding Recertification Test. The five-year requirement ensures certified professionals are current in this rapidly changing industry.

Need Help?

If at any point you have trouble during the registration process for your ASE Certification test(s), email us at, or contact ASE Customer Service at 1-800-390-6789 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, except holidays. Operators are here to help guide you through the registration process and answer any and all questions that you may have.

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