ASE Profile | Albert Caron

Albert Caron
Technician / Owner
Waterbury Service Center
Waterbury VT

How did you get your training to

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ASE Profile | Julia Johnson

Julia Johnson,
Instructor at SkyLine College
San Bruno, CA

How long have you worked as an Auto Technician?
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ASE Profile | Jay Huh

Owner: Carmedix
Durham, NC

Did you take shop in high school or trade school after high school

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ASE Profile | Blake Harms

Blake Harms,
Auto Technician
Employed by Carmedix, in Durham, North Carolina

How long have you worked a

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ASE Profile | Chris Posey

Chris Posey
Barret Automotive, Cornelia GA

Why did you decide to become an

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ASE Profile | Eli Allison

Eli Allison (They/Them/He/She)

Technician / Shop Owner
Repair Revolution
2437 6th Ave South, Seattle

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ASE Profile | Connie Clark

Connie Clark
Technician / Owner
Clark Automotive Service
Allen Park, MI

How did you get your start work

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ASE Profile | Stuart Renfrow

Name: Stuart Renfrow
Auto Technician
Employed by Gregory Poole Equipment
Raleigh, North Carolina

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ASE Profile | Christina Schneider

Certified Technician

How long have you worked as an auto technician?

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ASE Profile | Chris Cozad

Chris Cozad
Technician and Shop Owner
Alternative Auto Care, Columbus, Ohio

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