Jason Branch
Technician and Business Owner
Branch Automotive
Highlands Ranch, CO

What is your position in the industry?

Technician and Business Owner at Branch Automotive.

Tell us about yourself. What made you decide to become a service professional?

I have been interested in automotive repair since handing wrenches to my father and uncle at age 8. I had my first job in the industry installing tires at age 16 and love it so much that I went to automotive school and haven’t looked back!

Where/How did you get your training to get the knowledge you have today?

I learned on the job at various employers as well as at the State University of New York at Morrisville. I trained with General Motors and became GM World Class Master in 2008 and then recently became ASE World Class as well. I continue to attend various trainings regularly.

How long have you worked as a service professional?

34 years since I started repairing vehicles for a paycheck.

What role has being ASE Certified played in your journey?

I have been invited to write ASE test questions at one time and have always looked up to the ASE Seal. ASE has helped me stay driven to hone my knowledge and skills.

What ASE Certifications do you currently hold?

23 or more of them. A1-A9, B2-B5, G1, L1R, L2, T1-T8, X1

What are some of the top challenges you do/did face as a service professional and how do/did you overcome them?

Finding enough help to keep up with our demand.

Do you have any advice for today’s students who might be thinking about entering the automotive industry or becoming a service professional?

Get as much training and mentorship as possible. Be willing to learn anytime that opportunities for education come up.

What do you like most about being an automotive service professional?

I love the satisfaction of repairing vehicles and helping them run their best. I was recently awarded NAPA Denver ASE Technician of the year.