We’re proud to employ associates who are ASE Certified. Our customers can feel confident in knowing that the repair technicians working on their vehicles are experienced, educated, and constantly improving their skills and training.



The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is an independent, non-profit organization that has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals since 1972. ASE promotes excellence in vehicle repair, service, and parts distribution.


To become ASE certified, repair technicians must:

  • pass an ASE Certification Test; and
  • have a minimum of two years of hands-on experience maintaining, servicing, and/or repairing light-duty or heavy-duty motor vehicles.
    • The Advanced Level L1, L2, and L3 Certification Tests require a minimum of three years of hands-on experience.
    • A repair technician must pass the Automobile Engine Performance (A8) Certification Test to register for the Advanced Engine Performance Specialist (L1) Certification Test.
    • A repair technician must pass one of the ASE Diesel Engine Certification Tests (A9, H2, S2, or T2) and one of the ASE Electrical/Electronic Systems Certification Tests (A6, H6, S6, or T6) to register for the Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist (L2) Certification Test.
    • A repair technician must pass both the Automobile Electrical/Electronic Systems (A6) and Engine Performance (A8) Certification Tests to register for the Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist (L3) Certification Test.

Pep Boys supports professional growth and career development by encouraging all associates to become ASE Certified. Repair technicians, who achieve the ASE Advanced Level certifications (L1, L2, and/or L3), are eligible for a one-time bonus payment.

Technicians must retest every five years to retain their ASE certification. The five-year requirement ensures certified professionals are current in this rapidly changing industry.

ASE Certification Tests focus on practical problems encountered in day-to-day work situations and are written and approved by teams of carefully selected experts. Each of these teams represents a cross-section of relevant industry representatives which ensures that the tests are fair for all without bias toward any specific vehicle type, make, or equipment manufacturer.


If you have never registered for an ASE test, visit and select the Create myASE Account link in the myASE login box. You will then be prompted through several screens to provide information about yourself to set up your account.

If you have already created a myASE account, then:

  1. Login to your myASE account.
  2. Select Company-Assigned ID.
  3. Select the Add Company-Assigned ID button.
  4. Select Pep Boys from the Company drop-down menu and enter your ID and then select Submit.
  5. Select the Profile tab to review your information and check on your release status. Confirm that your information is correct.
  6. Select the "Release my ASE status to others" checkbox and then select the Submit button.

This process allows Pep Boys to receive the results of your ASE Certification tests; which automatically updates your ASE Certification listing on the Pep Boys Registration page, as well as your Certification listing in ADP.

  1. Log in to the Pep Boys Intranet and navigate to the ASE Registration Page
  2. Select the test or recertification from the drop down boxes and click Schedule. The ASE Certifications tests available to you are based on a combination of your job code and active Certifications.
  3. Ensure your information is correct on the schedule screen and that it matches your profile information for your myASE account and click Schedule.
  4. Once you register, your status will be listed as "pending" for 24 hours; after that your status should change to "unscheduled".
  5. Once status shows as "unscheduled," log in to your myASE account.
  6. You can schedule your appointment. If you have multiple tests to schedule, you may also select the "Select All" checkbox.
  7. Then you can Find the Test Center that is most convenient for you and select the Schedule an Appointment link to find available locations.
  8. Once you have scheduled your test appointments you will be directed to an Appointment Confirmation page where you should see the correct date/time for your ASE Certification test(s). Select either the Print Registration Ticket button to print your registration ticket, or select Continue to complete the registration process.
  • Pep Boys pre-pays for registration and test fees for any ASE test a team member is eligible for, once per registration cycle.
  • Eligibility for pre-payment of tests is based on a combination of your job code and active certifications, as well as ASE requirements.
    • For questions about Pep Boys Requirements and Eligibility by position, log in to the Pep Boys Intranet and navigate to the Requirements and Eligibility by Position matrix on the ASE Registration info page: Pep Boys Requirements and Eligibility by Position.
  • Pep Boys receives ASE certification test data weekly. If your Pep Boys profile does not show all of your active certifications, create a help ticket on the Pep Boys Intranet under Process > Service Operations.
    • An incomplete certification listing on your Pep Boys profile may prevent the entire list of tests available to you to populate.

Need Help?

If at any point you have trouble during the registration process for your ASE Certification test(s), email us at, or contact ASE Customer Service at 1-800-390-6789 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, except holidays. Operators are here to help guide you through the registration process and answer any and all questions that you may have.

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