March 10, 2022 – After 10 years as a member of the ASE board of directors, it is my honor and privilege to serve as chairman as ASE celebrates its 50th anniversary. It is very fulfilling to give back to our industry and help guide ASE and its exciting initiatives on the horizon. As an ASE-Certified professional who employs ASE-Certified technicians at my shop in Boulder, Colorado, I know firsthand the value and importance of ASE to a business, its customers and our industry.

This year marks 50 years for ASE. While the board reflects on ASE’s many accomplishments, they are also focused on initiatives that will benefit ASE stakeholders in the next 50 years. Technology is changing rapidly, and as it evolves, ASE must keep pace. For example, ASE introduced the ASE Renewal App to provide automotive service technicians with a convenient way to keep their certifications current. As the popularity of the app continues to grow, we are looking to expand this valuable resource and incorporate content on the latest technology for a more well-rounded learning experience.

Evolving technology is also driving other major initiatives at ASE, including the development and implementation of ADAS testing, as well as safety tests for hybrid and electric vehicles. ASE has planned an upcoming electric vehicle safety summit and will be conducting workshops with industry experts that focus on the creation of guidelines and assessment criteria for service technicians and shop personnel who work on electric and electric/hybrid vehicles. Once again, ASE is on the forefront when it comes to evolving technologies.

As ASE expands its scope, the ASE brand value is growing as well. Service and repair centers, both dealer and aftermarket, have become much more interested in what ASE offers and are encouraging their employees to get certified so they can showcase that they employ ASE-Certified professionals. From a business point of view, having an ASE-Certified staff is a difference maker in the marketplace. ASE Certification signifies that high-quality, technologically advanced professionals work on a shop’s staff, showing vehicle owners that they can have trust in the business.

While we are busy working for the future, it is important to pause and commemorate a major milestone in ASE’s history. For a half century, ASE has upheld and promoted high standards of service and repair through the assessment, certification and credentialing of current and future vehicle service professionals. We invite the industry to join us in our yearlong 50th anniversary celebration. One exciting highlight will be Automotive Service Professionals Month in June when we honor and recognize the valuable work that ASE-Certified service professionals perform each and every day.

On behalf of the ASE Board, we thank all those who support the ASE mission. We are proud of how far ASE has come and enthusiastic about the future. We know that ASE will continue to provide valuable service to the transportation industry and the vehicle owners they serve for another 50 years and beyond.