September 20, 2022 - ASE Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I find a list of ASE’s Terms and Conditions?

You can read through ASE’s Terms and Conditions here.

How does registration and scheduling work?

Purchasing and scheduling a test can be done by logging in to your myASE account. To purchase a test, select the test you want to take and pay the applicable fees. A registration fee is charged per order in addition to the test fee. You can view the complete list of tests, fees, and taxable states here. Once you have purchased a test, you will have 90 days from the original date of purchase to schedule an appointment and take your test. Visit myASE to get started.

Can I change my appointment? Can I cancel a test?

If you wish to change your test date or time, you must first cancel the existing appointment before you can schedule a new one. No changes are allowed within three days of your scheduled appointment. To make changes, use the Cancel Selected Appointment(s) option in myASE. You can also call Prometric at 877-346-9327 for assistance by phone.

If you wish to cancel a test, you must first cancel any existing appointment for that test then cancel the test itself. Use the Cancel Test option in myASE, or call Prometric at 877-346-9327. If you are within three days of your testing appointment, you cannot cancel the appointment or test. You can only cancel a test and receive a refund for a test that you purchased.

What if I miss a scheduled appointment or forgot to schedule?

There are no refunds for a missed appointment. If you miss your appointment or arrive late, the test is scored as No Show and all fees are forfeited. You can register for that same test again, but you must pay the registration fee and test fee again. To re-purchase a missed test, you must wait until the official No Show test result is posted to myASE.

You have 90 days from the original date of purchase to schedule an appointment and take your test. You should schedule appointments for all tests as soon as possible. ASE sends email reminders to schedule your test. If testing is not completed within 90 days, the untaken test will expire, all fees are forfeited, and you must register and pay the registration fee and test fee again.

When will I receive my test results?

Your detailed score report is emailed to you immediately after you finish your appointment. You may also request a printed copy while at the test center. Test results can also be viewed and printed in your myASE account within three days of taking the test in most cases.

Reminder: If you change your address after you take the test, you must notify ASE to receive your certificate. To update your address, log in to myASE or click here to send us a message that includes your name, ASE ID, and your old and new addresses.

What is ASE’s work experience requirement? When and how do I submit it for review?

To become ASE Certified, you must pass an ASE test and have full-time, hands-on work experience (or a combination of formal training and experience). The amount of work experience required can vary by test.

It is best to submit your work experience form for review after you have created a myASE account. It does not have to be submitted before you take your test, but your certificate for a passed test will be delayed until your work experience information is reviewed and approved. Click here for details about the work experience requirements and to complete the work experience form.

When do I get my certificate?

When you pass one or more tests and fulfill the work experience requirement, you will receive the Blue Seal of Excellence: the nationally recognized ASE emblem on a certificate suitable for framing.

Expect your certificate to arrive approximately three weeks from your test date to allow for processing and mailing. The expiration dates are also shown in myASE, and we will send you reminders before your credentials expire so you can recertify.

How do I get a duplicate certificate?

You can order a duplicate certificate by logging in to your myASE account. The cost for duplicate credentials is $7.50 per test series (i.e., Automobile, Medium/Heavy Truck, Parts Specialist, etc.)

If I fail a test, when can I take it again?

You must wait 30 full days before you can purchase and schedule the same test again.

Why can’t I see the questions I missed? How do I know what to study if you won’t tell me what I got wrong?

We wish we could show everyone the questions they missed, but we can’t. Each ASE test question is written and approved by a panel of industry experts and then statistically validated by hundreds or thousands of actual test-takers. If we publicly released the questions for study purposes, anyone could memorize the answers, and the questions couldn’t be used in tests in the future. Writing entirely new questions each time the tests are given would be costly and would result in poorer quality, less fair exams because the questions couldn’t be validated in advance. So, keeping the questions secure allows ASE to keep test fees down and maintain the fairness of the tests.

While we can’t release the test questions, we do have some suggestions to help you study. First, become familiar with the format of the ASE test questions. Second, review the task list (blueprint) included in the ASE Study Guide for the ASE test you are taking, and use it to perform an honest self-assessment of your knowledge. Third, look to ASE Accredited training programs and ASE Accredited training providers for additional training resources. All this and more is explained in detail on the Test Prep and Training page.

When do I take Recertification Tests? Can I take Recertification Tests even if my certifications have lapsed? Can I take Recertification Tests before the five years are up?

Certification credentials are valid for five years. If it has been five years or more since you took a test, it’s time to take the corresponding Recertification Test. The five-year requirement ensures certified professionals are current in this rapidly changing industry. You can find your expiration dates on your certificates or in myASE.

You may take the Recertification Tests even if your credentials have expired. You simply must have been previously certified in that specialty area. If you have some certifications that expire soon and others that are still good for some time, you may take Recertification Tests for any or all of them. If you recertify early, you will not be credited with the time remaining on your original certification. The new expiration date occurs five years from the date of your recertification.

I have a Master Technician certificate but some of the test areas are expired. Do I still hold Master Technician status?

Master Technician status is earned when you achieve certification in all required testing areas for that series. For example, technicians certified in tests A1 through A8 are Master Automobile Technicians. Those certified in tests T2 through T8 are Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technicians, and so forth. However, Master Technician status is not for life. You must keep each one of those certifications current to maintain Master Technician status. If you lose Master Technician status due to the lapse of one or more required certifications, it can be reinstated by taking and passing the Recertification Tests.

Does ASE have bilingual tests?

The Automobile/Light Truck Tests (A1 through A8) and the Auto Maintenance & Light Repair Test (G1) are available in Spanish. Visit for details.

Can I take a test outside of the USA?

ASE testing is offered in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canada. Military personnel can take tests on certain overseas bases.

How can I prepare for an ASE test?

You can view the ASE Study Guides to learn about what is covered on the tests, take an Official ASE Practice Test, and see More Training Resources. Watch the ASE Testing Demo to become familiar with the testing system platform before taking a test here. Purchase ASE Practice Test vouchers by logging in to your myASE account.

What is unique about the Advanced Level Tests (L1, L2, and L3) and the Undercar Specialist Exhaust Systems Test (X1)?

There are unique prerequisites that must be met before you can purchase and take any of these tests. Click on the Test Series title to see details here.

Many of the questions on the L1 and L2 tests require the use of a corresponding Composite Vehicle Type 4 Reference Booklet during testing. Click here to download and review the booklets before taking these tests. A new, clean copy of the booklet will be provided for use at the test center.

The L3 test includes a Certification Test Reference document which is available as an electronic pop-up document during testing. You can download and review this information prior to taking the test here.

How do I apply for ADA testing accommodations?

ASE provides testing accommodations, under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to individuals who need accommodations to take the ASE certification tests.

  1. Click here to download the ADA Request Form or call ASE Customer Service at 1-800-390-6789 to receive the form by e-mail or fax.
  2. The form must be completed by a qualified, appropriate professional (e.g., physician for physical disability, or psychologist for learning disability). The completed form must state the nature of your disability, how it affects your ability to take a computer-based, timed, multiple choice test, as well as the type of accommodations needed. For more information about the supporting documentation that is required, read our detailed ADA policy here.
  3. Return the completed form and all supporting documentation to the address listed on the form. Please do not register or schedule an appointment until after your request has been evaluated and approved by ASE.

How do I notify ASE of an address change?

You can update your address by logging in to myASE. Or, you can click here to send us a message that includes your name, ASE ID, and your old and new addresses.

How do I notify ASE of a legal name change, or a name, date of birth or last 4 digits SSN correction?

Log in to myASE and click Print Profile Change Form located in the Profile tab. Submit the completed form and supporting documentation to the address or fax number included on the form.

Where can I get ASE certified insignias and other ASE merchandise?

You can purchase ASE insignias and merchandise at

How does the EPA Section 609 Refrigerant, Recovery, & Recycling Program work? How do I get a duplicate certificate and wallet card for this program?

For details on the EPA Section 609 Refrigerant, Recovery, & Recycling Program, go to

How does the Introduction to Automobile Service E-Learning Program work?

To see full details on the Introduction to Automobile Service E-Learning Program, go to