January 31, 2022

Although it might sound like a purely altruistic venture to adopt a school, the ASE Education Foundation’s new Adopt-A-School program is a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to give back and receive business benefits as well.

“The ASE Education Foundation’s Adopt-A-School program not only offers companies a way to show support for their local high school and college training programs, but it also benefits their businesses by connecting them with the next generation of service professionals,” said Mike Coley, president, ASE Education Foundation. “The companies that have already adopted schools are seeing the advantages of these efforts. The ASE Adopt-A-School program not only allows these organizations to be good citizens, but also provides them with an avenue to access future employees. It’s a terrific opportunity all the way around.”

The goal of the Adopt-A-School program is to create partnerships between employers and schools in their respective communities and help train and prepare the next generation of automotive service professionals to enter the workforce. Businesses and industry organizations have the opportunity to mentor and hire future employees via the program.

For their part, schools get industry partners who provide advice and guidance, demonstrate career opportunities for their students, and provide students with hands-on experience that will grow their skills and encourage them to pursue a fulfilling automotive career.

To learn more, visit the Adopt-A-School section of the ASE Education Foundation website at https://www.aseeducationfoundation.org/adoptaschool.