Bogi Lateiner to Speak at ASE Education Foundation Training Conference

Presentation will Focus on Creating Inclusive Environment in Schools and Workplace

Leesburg, Virginia – July 14, 2023 – Noted automotive expert and ASE spokesperson Bogi Lateiner will be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming ASE Instructor Training Conference. Lateiner’s presentation, entitled “Revving up the Diversity: Shaping an Inclusive Future in Auto Repair High School and College Shop Programs," will focus on how to develop new initiatives to create a culture of inclusiveness in schools and the workplace.

“It's becoming more accepted that in order to close the trade gap we need to start attracting women and other minorities,” said Lateiner. “While there has been lots of work done to target and attract them, what remains needed is a shift in the culture of the industry to allow new recruits, male or female, to thrive and want to stay. Instructors set the tone and prepare the next generation of technicians. They are at the heart of determining what the future of this industry looks like. My presentation will concentrate on how instructors can create a culture within their classrooms that welcomes everyone and makes space for anyone interested in this career to thrive. This session is all about culture. How to create it and how to maintain it.”

The 2023 ASE Instructor Training Conference will be held July 17-20 in Concord, North Carolina. Hundreds of high school and college instructors from auto, truck and collision repair programs nationwide will attend the premier national training event of the year and participate in a wide array of sessions that feature the transportation industry’s leading trainers and instructors.

“Bogi excels in encouraging and supporting women in the transportation industry. Her impactful guidance will provide our instructors with a diverse range of suggestions to bring back to their schools and implement in their classrooms,” said Mike Coley, president of the ASE Education Foundation. “While we are actively engaged in various initiatives to enhance diversity within automotive service professionals, we recognize the need to improve our retention rates as well. Bogi's presentation will undoubtedly offer invaluable insights and ideas to address this challenge effectively."

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