Accelerate your career with ASE certification!

TBC Corporation is committed to providing exceptional service for our customers, ensuring we are always their first choice for auto service.

Included in the many initiatives surrounding this objective is making sure we provide the resources necessary for our associates to produce exceptional results for our customers. This includes strong support for our associates’ individual goals and aspirations, assuring they will have a long and successful career with TBC.

Company-paid ASE certification is just one of the ways we help our associates succeed!

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TBC ASE Certification Program

We support ASE certification for ALL associates!

ASE certification combined with productivity allows for the financial growth of all our associates. As such, we highly recommend you take and complete ASE automotive certification tests to help advance your career! Please contact your technical training specialist for details on the ASE Pre-Pay Program.

This program allows pre-payment of ASE Certification Tests by TBC.

1. Available tests for this program include:

  • A1 – Auto: Engine Repair
  • A2 – Auto: Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • A3 – Auto: Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • A4 – Auto: Steering & Suspension
  • A5 – Auto: Brakes
  • A6 – Auto: Electrical / Electronic Systems
  • A7 – Auto: Heating & Air Conditioning
  • A8 – Auto: Engine Performance
  • C1 – Service Consultant: Automobile Service Consultant

2. Associate must complete the TBC University Prep Course listed below for the test selected.

  • ASE Online: A1 – Engine Repair
  • ASE Online: A2 – Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • ASE Online: A3 – Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • ASE Online: A4 – Steering & Suspension
  • ASE Online: A5 – Brakes
  • ASE Online: A6 – Electrical / Electronic Systems
  • ASE Online: A7 – Heating & Air Conditioning
  • ASE Online: A8 – Engine Performance
  • ASE Online: C1 – Service Consultant

Note: There is no prep course requirement for recertifications.

To register for ASE exams in these categories, contact your Technical Training Specialist.

  • A list of Technical Training Specialists and their contact information can be found on the TRAINING tab of the TK Intranet.
  • Prior to contacting your Technical Training Specialist, you will need an ASE ID Number.
    • Simply log into your myASE account (www.ase.com) to retrieve your ASE ID number. A valid ASE ID Number will start with the letters ASE, followed by 8 numbers. Example: ASE-1234-5678
  • Once the Technical Training Specialist has verified that you have completed the applicable prep course(s) in TBCU, they will register you for the exam(s).
  • Your Technical Training Specialist will notify you when you are registered.
  • You will then need to log into your myASE account and schedule your testing appointment. You will have exactly 90 days from the test purchase date to take your test at any Prometric test center before the registration becomes invalid, and the funds will be forfeited by TBC.

Details for consideration:

  1. Once we register an Associate, TBC will be billed for the testing. Attendance at testing is mandatory.
  2. Failure to show up for a test or reschedule may result in disciplinary action.
  3. All you need at the test center is your Photo ID. A valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID in good condition and in its original form that includes your photo and signature is required. The name on your ASE record must match the name as it appears on your primary ID. You MUST present a valid driver’s license, passport book, state ID, national ID, or military ID.
  4. In the event you do not pass the first exam, you will be scheduled for a follow-up training with your Technical Training Specialist to help prepare you for a re-test.

ASE Master Technicians: We offer on-going support for additional ASE certifications for our ASE Master Technicians!

If you have any questions, please contact your Technical Training Specialist or District Manager.

Click here to view our ASE Technician of the Year Award winners!

ASE Certification Requirements by Position

Technician PositionRequired Certifications
General Maintenance Technician (GMT)No ASE Certifications Required
Automotive Service Technician (AST)No ASE Certifications Required
C Level TechnicianNo ASE Certifications Required (One Certification Recommended)
B Level Technician2 ASE Certifications Required (Auto Test Series: A1-A8) (A4 & A5 Recommended)
A Level Technician4 ASE Certifications Required (Auto Test Series: A1-A8) (A4,A5,A6,A7 Recommended)
ASE Master Technician8 ASE Certifications Required (Auto Test Series: A1-A8)


If you have never registered for an ASE test, visit ASE.com and select the Create myASE Account link in the myASE login box. You will then be prompted through several screens to provide information about yourself to set up your account.

TBC and ASE have an agreement to allow ASE Certification status from the ASE website (ASE.com) to transfer into TBC’s training database. To enable the transfer of your ASE credentials, you must:

  1. Log in to your myASE account.
  2. Select the Profile tab.
  3. Select the "Release my ASE status to others" checkbox and then select the Submit button.

The results from ASE are imported from ASE on a weekly basis, but it can take up to four weeks to receive certification results after completion.

There are two ways to prepare for the ASE test: online courses provided by TBC University and paper manuals. Contact your Technical Training Specialist for more information.

When you pass one or more tests and fulfill the work experience requirement, you will receive the Blue Seal of Excellence: the nationally recognized ASE emblem on a certificate suitable for framing. To purchase insignias for uniforms, visit the ASE store.

If you take an ASE test and receive a "Pass" or "Fail" test result, you must wait 30 days before you can register to take it again.

To become ASE-certified, you must pass an ASE certification test and have relevant hands-on working experience. The amount of work experience required varies by test, and is specified in detail on the Work Experience Reporting Form. ASE recommends submitting the form after you've registered to take an ASE certification test.

Certification credentials are valid for five years. If it has been five years or more since you took a particular test, it’s time to register for the corresponding Recertification Test. The five-year requirement ensures certified professionals are current in this rapidly changing industry.

Visit the ASE FAQs section for a complete listing of all frequently asked questions.

Need Help?

If at any point you have trouble during the registration process for your ASE Certification test(s), email us at contactus@ase.com, or contact ASE Customer Service at 1-800-390-6789 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, except holidays. Operators are here to help guide you through the registration process and answer any and all questions that you may have.

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