Tips for ASE Test Taking
Except / Least Likely - Question 2
A warped clutch disc can definitely cause the clutch not to release completely. So, strike this one and go on.
Good job! Weak pressure plate springs could cause the clutch to slip, but it's not likely they would cause the clutch not to release.
Sorry, can't help you if you don't make a choice. Give it your best shot.
Excessive pedal free play can affect clutch release. Cross this one out and try again.
A seized pilot bearing could cause the clutch not to release. Try another answer.
This question uses the words LEAST LIKELY. Look for the choice that could NOT or would be LEAST LIKELY to cause the described situation. Read the entire question carefully before choosing your answer.
The clutch does not release fully when the pedal is pushed to the floor. Which of these is the LEAST LIKELY cause?
Choose an answer and then click on Ted to check it. To get more tips, choose a different answer and click on Ted again.