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How to achieve ASE Master Technician status.

You can earn Master Technician status by passing a specified group of tests in a series. The tests needed for each test series are listed below. You must also document at least two years of relevant hands-on work experience.

You must recertify in each test area every five years. If you let one of the required certifications expire, you lose your Master Technician status. You can regain it by taking the Recertification Test(s), even after you let a certification expire. Note that there is no time limit on returning. Once you pass your original ASE test, you only need to take the Recertification Test, no matter how long it's been expired.

Tests Needed for Each Series

Test Series Tests needed for Master Status Notes
Automobile A1 – A8 A9 Diesel Engines is not required.
Collision Repair B2 – B5 B6 Damage Analysis & Estimating is not required.
Medium - Heavy Truck T2 – T8 Those who are certified in tests T2-T8 are recognized as ASE Certified Master Medium-Heavy Truck Technicians. T8 is new to the list of required tests as of January 1, 2017. Master Truck Technicians who earned Master status before that date will keep it until the first of their current Truck certifications expires, if that date is in 2017 or later. When the time comes to recertify, they will also need to take and pass the T8 test. NOTE: T1 Gasoline Engines is not required for Master Medium-Heavy Truck Technician status.
School Bus S1 – S6 S7 Air Conditioning Systems & Controls is not required.
Transit Bus H1 or H2, plus H3 – H8 Only one engine repair test, H1 CNG Engines or H2 Diesel Engines, is required.
Truck Equipment E1 – E3  

ASE also offers Master Medium-Heavy Vehicle Technician status to those who are certified in any combination of tests 2 through 7 in the Medium-Heavy Truck, School Bus, or Transit Bus test series.

You may NOT earn this status if you are currently a Master Technician in one of the other three test series. This allows Technicians who work on a variety of medium-heavy vehicle systems to earn Master status, as well as those who are transitioning from one test series to another.

Master Medium-Heavy Vehicle Technician

Test Areas Pass one or more in each test area Notes
Diesel Engines H2, S2, or T2 H1 cannot be substituted.
Drive Train H3, S3, or T3 H3 and S3 focus on automatic transmissions; T3 focuses on manual transmissions.
Brakes H4, S4, or T4 H4 focuses on air brakes; S4 and T4 cover both hydraulic and air brakes.
Suspension & Steering H5, S5, or T5 S5 includes light duty and heavy-duty suspension systems.
Electrical / Electronic Systems H6, S6, or T6 S6 includes special lighting and warning systems required for school buses.
Heating, Ventilation & A/C H7, S7, or T7 H7 and T7 include heating and engine cooling systems.